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Bell Tower Hotel, Xian
Bell Tower Hotel, Xian About 66 USD

Days Hotel and Suites Xinxing Xi'an
Days Hotel and Suites Xinxing Xi'an About 82 USD

Purple Mountain Hotel, Xian
Purple Mountain Hotel, Xian About 43 USD


Xianhotels.net will reserve in Xian the hotel more suitable for you at the lowest rates on the Internet. The discount on the rates can arrive to 75%. Xianhotels.net gains confidence of its customers because guarantees small prices, new mechanism of choice, extended assistance, fast procedure of reservation. Any payment at check-out.

Tourist Attractions in Xian

Tourist Attractions in Xian
The famous Xian terracotta warriors, Ape-man's site of blue field (human fossils of 20 ten thousand years ago), the mountain village of Ba bridge (splendid culture type of Yangshao, about 6000 years ago), The stockaded village of ginger (Neolithic relics)... More >>>

Xian Travel Information

Xian Travel Information
Xian (Xi 'An) is the capital of Shanxi province. It is located at 900 kilometers to Capital Beijing (direction Northeast). The urban area is 1066 sq. km, the total population is 6,548,700 people. Average temperature: 0.4 degrees in January, 26.6 degrees in July... More >>>

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Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Bell Tower Hotel, Xian66 USDBook
♦ Days Hotel and Suites Xinxing Xi'an82 USDBook
♦ Purple Mountain Hotel, Xian43 USDBook
♦ Grand Noble Hotel ,Xian81 USDBook
♦ Xi'an YinZuo Business Hotel0 USDBook
♦ Banpo Lake Hotel - Xi'an101 USDBook
♦ Xian Diamond International Hotel50 USDBook
♦ Aurum International Hotel68 USDBook
♦ Wan Nian Grand Hotel, Xian35 USDBook
♦ Shanxi Wenyuan Hotel45 USDBook
♦ Tianyi commercial hotel xian53 USDBook
♦ Sunda Gentleman International Hotel74 USDBook
♦ Howard Johnson Ginwa Plaza Hotel Xi'an85 USDBook
♦ Tangcheng Hotel Xi'an52 USDBook
♦ Downtown Xi'an (Former Hason Hotel, Xi'an)49 USDBook
♦ Xian Dynasty Hotel42 USDBook
♦ Yohol Hotel, Xi'an82 USDBook
♦ Titan Times Hotel, Xian72 USDBook
♦ Xian Shangde Hotel Dasha39 USDBook
♦ Ladyman Hotel(Zhuque Branch)30 USDBook
♦ Xi'an Garden Hotel62 USDBook
♦ Yangyang International Hotel56 USDBook
♦ Shaxi tietong shangwu hotel43 USDBook
♦ Xian Jian Yuan Hotel33 USDBook
♦ Xi'an Le Garden Hotel58 USDBook
♦ Huaqing Aegean International Hot Springs Resort72 USDBook
♦ Empark Grand Hotel, Xian58 USDBook
♦ Xishaomen Hotel, Xi'an35 USDBook
♦ Jianguo Hotel Xi'an28 USDBook
♦ The Times Hotel ,Xian52 USDBook
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